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4th Annual ICMAC Fall Tournament - Report

Saturday, October 6, 2012 featured the 4th Annual ICMAC Fall Tournament at the Fairview Park Marriottt in Falls Church, Virginia.

Competitors traveled from Washington State, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. to participate in the event. We are always gratified to receive support from so many different states.

We wish to recognize all the VIPs, Judges and Sifus who supported the championship; their participation made it all possible. They are acknowledged here in alphabetical order.

Special Guests: Clarence Burris, Nick Gracenin, Bangjun Jiang, Jose Johnson, Hoy K. Lee, Pei Yun Li, Xiaoling Liu, Phuoc Phan, Paul Ramos, Leung Shum, Norman Smith, Raymond Wong, Tony Yang.

Judges: Brian Allen, Joseph Bennett, Walter C. Bey, Vincent Curtis, Art Eng, Sara Gellhorn, Gary Harris, Cecil Jordan, Stanley Jue, Alexander King, Inna Koval, Paul Lee, Michael Liu, Dale McDine, Stephon Morton, Daniel Ostrow, Robert Peck, Jeff Pentz, Julio Perez, Eric Putney, Eric Randolph, Christine Rice, Avi Schneier, David Slaughter, Sarah Sponzo, Gary Utterback, Allen Washington, Scott Westcamp, Ron Wheeler, Mark Zhang, Shelton Zou.

Other Sifus who also sent competitors: Kevin Chan, William C. C. Chen, Mike DiMaggio, Chris Heintzman, John Kang, Chuan Qi Lin, Yanxi Liu, Xiaolin Lu, Sean Marshall, Charles Middleton, T. Nee, Marlon Pilossoph, Gary Renza, Mario Salazar, Lisandro Vega, Bisheng Zhu.

Special recognition and appreciation goes out to Paul Ramos and Christine Rice for providing volunteers to staff the event. We extend our gratitude to everyone who worked the event.

Next year it will be the 5th Anniversary for this championship and we look forward to making it a special event.

Thank you for your continued support!

Friendship through Martial Arts®

Nick Scrima <

2011 Fall Classic Tournament Report

Competitors line-up for the Opening Ceremonies

Dear Friends,

We extend our gratitude to everyone who supported the 3rd Annual ICMAC North America Finals which were held at the Gaylord National Resort just outside Washington, DC, on October 8, 2011.

View of the Potomac River from the Gaylord National

While competitors came from as far away as Washington State, Colorado, Texas, Florida and Canada there was hardly any local support!

We are not deterred by the lack of local support but by the same token we don't want to waste our efforts in promoting an event where over 90% of the support comes from other states. We are already looking for an alternative location which will provide a championship for the region and we will be posting this information on the website soon. Instead of being drawn into antiquated politics we choose to look forward and stick to our motto "Friendship Through Martial Arts".

We will continue to focus on the positive aspects of the competition, which is the continued and increased participation of competitors who travel from far away to attend multiple ICMAC tournaments as well as the steady growth we have experienced over the last three years. ICMAC is here to stay!!

A view of the spacious competition floor at the ICMAC North America Finals

We want to thank all the volunteers and spectators who supported the event and want to recognize all the Judges and VIPs who participated in the championship. They appear here in alphabetical order:

Brian Allen, Walter Bey, Dennis Brown, Clarence Burris, Charles Cashell, Clarence Chan, Mike DiMaggio, Thomas Dorney, Neil Ehrlich, Chris Facente, Arturo Gabriel, Sara Gellhorn, Nick Gracenin, Gary Harris, George Harris, Jose Johnson, Rob Johnson, Taj Johnson, Stanley Jue, Jiang Bang Jun, Shane Kachur, Alexander King, Chris Leyesa, Liu Xiao Ling, Mark Mastascusa, Dale McDine, Shannon Moore, Abdul Muhsiy, Derek Nester, Daniel Ostrow, Robert Peck, Christine Rice, Ben Schofield, Dave Sklar, David Slaughter, Norman Smith, Sarah Sponzo, Amy Tarrago, Steven Tarrago, Lan Tran, Gary Utterback, Allen Washington, Jan-Yu Weng, Ron Wheeler, Wil Wilkinson, Arthur Wong, Fukui Yang, Zhou Xiao Ying

Opening Ceremonies

Besides many of the people mentioned above, here are other Sifus who sent competitors to the championship:

Kevin Chan, Y Chan, Eddie Chong, Eric Cruz, Louis Diaz, David Gallaher, Jake Jakubek, Ray Longo, Eduardo Marin, Michael Mcglynn, Phuoc Phan, Min Pai, Marlon Pilossoph, Gary Renza, Tony Timmer, Xiaoping Wu, Henry Poo Yee, Zhang Guifeng, Zhu Bi-Sheng

More pictures and results will be posted soon!

With unending gratitude,

Nick Scrima and Paul Ramos, Co-hosts

2010 Fall Classic Tournament Report

On October 1-3 2010, the ICMAC National Finals brought together several hundred competitors from across the USA and once again took place at the magnificent Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.

Judges and Special Guests at the ICMAC Nationals Opening Ceremonies

This tournament officially ended the 2010 ICMAC competition season and what a finish it was! Many competitors were going head-to-head for top placement in several divisions and this intensified the level of competition.

Competitors watch the Lion Dance, performed by Sifu Raymond Wong's school

While the event is still in its growing stages, we are greatly encouraged by the many new schools that attended the championship and by the camaraderie and friendship displayed by coaches and competitors alike.

Among the special guests in attendance were: Nick Gracenin, William C. C. Chen, Leung Shum, Hoy Lee, David Chin, Liu Xiao Ling, Sun Deyao, Tony Yang, Raymond Wong, Mike Barry, Dennis Brown, Xue Jejin, and An Tian Rong

The invited judges included Arturo Gabriel, Sara Gellhorn, Nick Gracenin, Bill Grandy, John Green, William Green, Gary Harris, George Harris, Chris Heintzman, Jim Hesser, Bangjun Jiang, Derek Johnson, Jose Johnson, Kimber Johnson, Marco Johnson, Taj Johnson, Willie “Bam” Johnson, Stanley Jue, Chris Leyesa, Dale McDine, Charles Middleton, Shannon Moore, James Naulty, Ndaba, Tim Niiler, Arnaldo Ty Nunez, Daniel Ostrow, Jeff Pentz, Dat Phan, Paul Ramos, Steve Reich, Christine Rice, Scott Rodell, Joel Rodriguez, Courtney Rogers, Andy Sanano, Dan Schmidt, Ben Schofield, David Slaughter, Norman Smith, Brandon Solomon, Zack Taco, An Tianrong, Russell Therrien, Lan Tran, Gary Utterback, Ron Wheeler, Arthur Wong, Can Ye Wong, Raymond Wong, Ernie Wu, Ding Yuan Xu, and Bill Yung

We also want to recognize all the Sifus who supported our event: Kevin Chan, Y Chan, William C.C. Chen, Frank Demaria, Joseph Demundo, Neil Ehrlich, Nick Gracenin, Sara Gellhorn, Miriam Holland, Shi Xing Hao, Haiteng Hu, Kangni Hu, Bangjun Jiang, Jose Johnson, Bam Johnson, Hoy Lee, T. Nee, Paul Ramos, Gary Renza, Norman Smith, Dan Schmidt, Su Zifang, John Vanegas, John Wai, Nan Wang, Daniel Weng, Jimmy Wong, Raymond Wong, Tat-Mau Wong, Yong Cao and Liping Zhu.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the Masters, Sifus and Coaches who supported our events during the year. We are grateful to the athletes, many of whom traveled far and wide and competed in multiple tournaments. A special thank you must go out to all the parents entered their children in our championships. During these difficult economic times families face special challenges and we deeply appreciate the support. To all the volunteers whose names often go unnoticed but are instrumental in insuring that the tournaments run smoothly and efficiently, we extend our gratitude.

Some of the Special Guests from left to right: Tony Yang, Raymond Wong, Hoy Lee, Leung Shum, Nick Scrima, WIlliam Chen, Xue Jejin, An Tianrong, Liu Xiaoling and Sun Deyao.

2011 is going to be a big year for the ICMAC Worldwide Circuit. We will of course be back in DC for the National Finals but we have many new events coming in cities like Houston, Denver, Seattle, Boston and Atlanta, besides our regular stops in San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas and Orlando.

Thank you for your continued support.


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