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Orlando Kung Fu - Wushu - Tai Chi - Sanda World Championship

17th Annual Orlando ICMAC - July 10-12, 2015

Note: We will continue to accept registrations online until July 6th. Mailed in registrations must be postmarked no later than July 3rd in order to be processed.

Onsite registration schedule at the Gaylord Palms:

Friday, July 10 - From 2:00pm until 8:30pm

Saturday, July 11 - From 8:00am until 9:30am

Sunday, July 12 - Last minute registration for Sparring, Grappling, Push Hands & Chi Sao - From 8:00am until 9:30am.


Dear ICMAC Friends,

We extend to you a warm invitation to participate in the 17th Annual International  Chinese Martial Arts Championship. The event will once again be held at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL.

With over 500 divisions, over 1500 beautiful medals, 26 Grand Champion Cups, Sanda World Title Belts, seminars with leading masters, a thrilling Masters Showcase, a Diamond Rating for points, and all in a world-class resort close to Orlando’s major attractions, this is the tournament you don’t want to miss!

This year’s championship will feature the 'Most Competitive School Award' to the school with the most medals, and the 'Most Supportive School Award' to the school with the most participating students. We encourage all schools to rise to this challenge.

Competition will be fierce! World Titles will be awarded in Traditional Kung Fu, Wushu, Taiji, Sparring, Push Hands, and Sanda (Full Contact Fights). Participation has been increasing over the last few years and more teams will be coming from overseas; we expect a huge turnout!

The Gaylord Palms The Resort is located just minutes from Epcot®, Disney World® and other Orlando attractions. We have special discount tickets to Disney World® theme parks. For advance purchase of specially priced Disney Meeting/Convention Theme Park tickets, please call 407-566-5600 before July 9, 2015 or visit . Come for the tournament and stay for the fun!

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Nick Scrima,

"Friendship Through Martial Arts"


16th Annual Orlando ICMAC - 2014 Tournament Report

Dear Masters, Sifus, Coaches, Competitors and Spectators,

The 16th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, which was held at the Gaylord Palms Resort, over the weekend of July 11-13, 2014, in Orlando, Florida USA, was a resounding success! Not since 2007 have we had such a tremendous turnout.

Competitors came from many different countries and as far away as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Brazil to take part in the championship.

We want to recognize all the Master, Sifus, Coaches and Officials who participated, supported and helped make this tournament a special event, they are listed here alphabetically: Brian Ahern, Mohammad Alhalahleh, Rafiq Aliyev, Kent Bazard, Fernando Bernald, Rick Brenton, Clarence Burris, Andy Calvo, James Carinio, Priscilla Cavalie, Le Ha Chan, Mimi Chan, Pui Chan, Jin Chen, Max Chen, Kong Cheng, Calvin Chin, David Chin, Enrico Chin, Erick Cintron, Richard Clear, Steve Contes, Bruce Cohen, Richard Curtis, Don Dean, James DeFillips, Dennis Dereje, Martin Dvorok, Zac Extejt, Russel Feldman, Paul Fraga, German Garcia, Randy Harper, Chris Heintzman, Ray Hildreth, Miriam Holland, Xiaoqian Hu, Tom Huang, Li Siu Hung, Jesse Jones, Wiley Jones, Stanley Jue, Joe Keit, Alexander King, David Kirn, Cesar Laurenti, Kevin Law, Hoy Lee, Joshua Lee, Justin Lee, Kam Lee, Tammy Lee, Luo Li, Yao Li, Harry Lo, Xiaoling Liu, Ha Kai Lung, Charles Macabasco, Huseynov Ruxi Malik, Suleyman Mammadli, Jimmy Manfredy, Eduardo Marin, Douglas Marti, Sean Marshall, Ralph Matute, Bill McDunham, Joseph Meissner, Gilly Miller, Paul Mowrey, Jina Mullett, T. Nee, Olaguibet Negron, Justin Och, Javier Alvarez Ortiz, Paul O’Shea, Daniel Ostrow, Steve Ottaviano, Jeff Pentz, Phuoc Phan, Chris Philippe, Yvette Phillips, Lauren Porter, George Poulos, Mike Quinlan, Paul Ramos, Mauricio Rampone, Eric Randolph, James Rodgers, Benjamin Roman, Mario Salazar, Dan Schmidt, Tess Schwartz, Mike Serritella, Jeff Sheng, David Slaughter, Jim Smyer, Carlos Suarez, Sun Deyao, Joel Timmons, Edward Tomaine, Thomas Torres, Dennys Trabada, Tu Truong, Fakhriddin Usmanov, John Vanegas, Bob Waers, John Wai, Bingwen Wang, Sam Winters, Jeanie Wu, Vanessa Wu, Osei Xavier, Fukui Yang, Tony Yang, Vital Yarashevich, Li Pei Yun, Lance Zabatta, Xueli Zhang, Yue Zhang, Yajun Zhuang.

Special thanks to Sifu Kam Lee and his team from the Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy for performing the Green Lion during the opening ceremonies.

Although we had many schools who supported the event with lots of students, special recognition goes out to Sifu John Wai and the John Wai Kung Fu Academy for the Most Supportive School Award with 47 competitors.

A heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly to staff the event.

And finally, to all the spectators who were there to show support for their family members and schools, your participation is deeply appreciated.

The 17th Annual ICMAC tournament is scheduled for July 12-14, 2015, at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida USA. It's going to be another fantastic event and we hope to see you and your team there.

With gratitude!

Nick Scrima

15th Annual Orlando ICMAC - 2013 Tournament Report

The 15th Annual Orlando ICMAC tournament held at the Gaylord Palms Resort over the weekend of July 12-14, 2013, had the biggest turnout since 2007. Many divisions were packed with competitors and the overall skill level was quite high.

Over 950 competitors from throughout the US, Canada, and several other countries took part in this year's championship. We had over 100 different schools participate in the event.

We want to recognize all the Special Guests, Judges and Sifus who took part in or supported the event. Names appear in alphabetical order.

VIPS: Hesheng Bao, Pui Chan, Jincai Cheng, Kong Cheng, Ray Hildreth, Stanley Jue, Alex Kwok, Hoy Lee, Johnny Lee, Luo Li, Li Siu-Hung, Shawn Liu, Xiaoling Liu, Chi Hung Marr, Justin Meehan, Cory Schafer, Leung Shum, Dave Sklar, Sun Deyao, Rengang Wang, Chienli Wu, Ernie Wu, Yang Fukui, Junyi Yang, Hui-Ying Yao

JUDGES: Brian Ahern, Michael Aronson, Jeff Bordelon, Rick Brenton, David Carr, Erick Cintron, Richard Cummings, Demitri Daniels, Don Dean, Dennis Dereje, Chris Facente, John Graham, Jian Jun Han, Jian Ming Han, Chris Heintzman, Wenze Hu, David Kirn, Moe Lamvichit, Lin Li, Alex Liu, Harry Lo, Marilyn Mackey, Bob Messinger, Guillermo Morris, Jina Mullett, Paul O’Shea, Daniel Ostrow, Steve Ottoviano, Rick Panico, Marlon Pilossoph, Eric Randolph, Henry Regalado, Benjamin Roman, Dan Schmidt, Tess Schwartz, Robert Sedgwick, David Slaughter, Mark Small, Jim Smyer, Sarah Sponzo, Leng Tang, Bob Waers, John Wai, Zhenshen Wang, Sam Winters, Osei Xavier, Vital Yarashevich, Zhou Xiaoying.

SIFUS WHO SENT COMPETITORS TO THE EVENT: Armando Acevedo, Travis Alschbach, Leroy Alsup, Kent Bazard, Ellis Beam, Clarence Burris, Le Ha Chan, Mimi Chan, Jin Chen, Tingjian Chen, Jeff Chow, David Christophy, Richard Curtis, Virgil Diaz, Chris Didyk, Christina Didyk, Sheria Enahora, Paniko Evagorou, Russel Feldman, German Garcia, Shi Xing Hao, Steven Hemphill, Miriam Holland, Jason Horne, Brendan Lee, Lee Feng San, Kam Lee, Andre Lengyel, Evelina Lengyel, Chiu Leun, Lin Dan, Eric Liu, Junhe Liu, Lyu Lopez, Raul Lopez, Charles Macabasco, Eduardo Marin, Sean Marshall, Dale McDine, Alexander Montesino, T. Nee, Olaguibet Negron, Justin Och, Chris Olson, Yvette Phillips, Gary Renza, Frank Roper, Mario Salazar, Tammy Schaefer , Carlos Suarez, Thomas Torres, Tu Truong, John Vanegas, Carlos Collao Vega, Heng Wei, Qishi Wu, Yajun Zhuang, Bisheng Zhu, Lee Yokota, Hasan Yusifkanan.

We want to thank Sifu Li Siu-Hung and the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association for the Lion Dance performance during the Opening Ceremonies.

Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly over the weekend to set up, help with registrations, time and score keeping and countless other tasks that most people never see. We also want to recognize Joe Wang and his team for picking up and dropping off guests at the airport.

I am humbled by the support I have received over the years. The enthusiasm displayed by all participants serves as a driving force in moving forward and working towards continuing to improve the championship.

With unending gratitude!

Nick Scrima

14th Annual Orlando ICMAC - July 13-15, 2012 - Report

If the Chinese saying that "One picture is worth a thousand words" is true, then, the pictures that follow speak volumes about the 14th Annual Orlando International Chinese Martial Arts Championship.

We have always known that the Orlando ICMAC Tournament holds a special place in the heart of all the Sifus, Judges and Competitors and we are refocusing our efforts into making this event the centerpiece of the ICMAC Worldwide Circuit.

2012 is the 4th year for the ICMAC circuit but the 14th years for the Orlando Championship. The last few years, to build the circuit, it has been necessary to promote different tournaments in cities throughout the US in order to find the most suitable venues and locations. We now have a good handle on which venues work best for ICMAC and will be scaling down on the number of events in 2013.

I want to thank all the Special Guest and Officials who took part in the 14th Annual Orlando ICMAC, they are listed here in alphabetical order:

Brian Ahern, Jeff Bordelon, Rick Brenton, Priscilla Cavalie, Pui Chan, Betsy Chapman, Erick Cintron, Sean Cochran, Don Dean, Dennis Dereje, Curline Dvorok, Martin Dvorok, Zac Extejt, German Garcia, Sara Gellhorn, Jardena Green, Jianming Han, Jianjun Han, Ray Hildreth, Alex Kwok, Moe Lamvichit, Kam Lee, Gordon Leimbach, Li Siu Hung, Alex Liu, Shawn Liu, Charles Macabasco, Marilyn Mackey, Chi Hung Marr, Justin Meehan, Bob Messinger, Terri Morgan, Paul Mowrey, Jina Mullett, Olaguibet Negron, Paul O’Shea, Jeff Pentz, Chris Philippe, Eric Randolph, Charles Rivera, Milton Rivera, Benjamin Roman, Mike Rowe, Dan Schmidt, Tess Schwartz, David Slaughter, Jim Smyer, Deyao Sun, Leng Tang, Amy Tarrago, Steven Tarrago, Joel Timmons, Bob Waers, John Wai, Hua Jing Wang, Zhenshen Wang, Mark Warner, Glenn Wilson, Rich Galicia-Wilson, Sam Winters, Shi Cun Wu, Osei Xavier, Vital Yarashevich.

I also want to recognize other Sifus who sent competitors to the event:

Eduardo Marin, Alex Molina, John Vanegas, Mario Salazar, Gary Mitchell, David Gallaher, Troy Gonsalves, Miriam Holland, Dossy Lewin, Richard Curtis, Yvette Phillips, Yuen Li Wang, Andrew Finell, Gus Rubio, George Poulos, Henry Su, Tu Truong, Enrico Chin, David Christophy, Sean Marshall, Max Myers, Phuoc Phan, David Kirn, Chris Olson, Garon Wilkinson, Tim Oehler, Mimi Chan, Paula Lazarz, Randy Harper, Chad Angelocci, T. Nee, Michael Rodriguez, Brad Ryan, Gary Renza, Joe Keit, David Simons.

Special thanks go out to Sifu John Wai and his team for the Lion Dance performance.

My unending gratitude goes out to all my students who worked tirelessly in staffing the tournament.

A graceful bow to all the parents who have kept their kids in martial arts during these difficult economic time. I salute you!

With heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of you.

Nick Scrima


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