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2012 Tournament Report

Dear Friends,

The 2nd Annual "Emerald City" Chinese Martial Arts Championship hosted on May 19, 2012 at the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle was another step to bringing the ICMAC tournaments to the Northwest.

Nearly 150 competitors, more than 20 were Sport Sanda Fighters, attended the event from several states. We also had a strong contingency of participants from Canada. While the turnout was not great, this at times is to be expected with a new event. We feel that this area is a stronghold for Chinese Martial Arts and we want everyone to know that ICMAC is determined to build this championship; look for the 3rd edition to be announced soon!

We want to express our appreciation to all the participants and offer a special thank you to the volunteers from Dr. Lu Mei-Hui and Chang Wu Na and from Susan Farrar, who all worked tirelessly at their posts throughout the day.

Also, we extend our thanks to Sifu Mak Hin-Fai and his team for the Lion Dance performance during the Opening Ceremonies and the Masters Showcase.

We wish to recognize all the Special Guests, Officials and Sifus who participated and supported the event; they appear here in alphabetical order: Katie Brown, Colleen Butterley, Andrew Chan, Wu Na Chang, Jun Hong Chon, Wally Chow, Ken Chun, Restita DeJesus, Jill Doherty, Dennis Echols, Mak Fai, Susan Farrar, Julio Ferrer, Bruce Fontaine, Chunhua Fu, Jon Funk, John Furda, John Jones, Keith Judelman, John Koo, Richard Lee, Wes Letioa, Tianyuan Li, Greg Louie, Ken Low, Mei-Hui Lu, Tao Ling Rong, Paul Sheridan, Russ Shulman, Tim Stutzman, Henry Su, Ben Thomas, Sylvia Wong, Wilkie Wu, Henry Poo Yee, Gao Ying, Lei Zhou, Bi-Sheng Zhu.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tat-Mau Wong and Nick Scrima

"Friendship Through Martial Arts"

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2011 "Emerald City" Tournament Report

The Inaugural "Emerald City" Chinese Martial Arts Championship was held in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA on April 2, 2011 at the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle.

Over 200 competitors from as far away as Pennsylvania, many neighboring states and Canada took part in the championship. Considering that the event was put together in less than 4 months it was a great success and plans are already underway for the 2012 championship.

We wish to recognize all the Masters, and Sifus, Instructors and Judges who supported the event, they appear in alphabetical order: Katie Brown, Jeff Chow, Jill Doherty, Susan Farrar, Julio Ferrer, Bruce Fontaine, John Furda, Filipe Godoy, Joe Helme, Chon Jun Hong, Yi Jiao Hong, John Jones, Keith Judelman, Victor Kim, Alexander Knight, Mike Lee, Carol Leong, Tianyuan Li, Greg Louie, Mei-hui Lu, Chang Wu Na, Eric Nielson, Timing Qian, Denny Rader, Paul Sheridan, Chris Strelau, Tim Stutzman, Sylvia Wong, Dodo Gao Ying, Zhu Bi-sheng.

We look forward to building this event into one of the premier stops in the ICMAC Circuit.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who made this event possible.

"Friendship Through Martial Arts"

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