Alexander King

Master, 2023

Alexander King was born in Washington, DC and began his study of Yang style Taiji Chuan in 1995. In 2000, he became a 19th generation disciple of Wudang Longmen master, Liu Xiaoling. He has studied a multiplicity of Kung Fu styles with Master Liu over the past 20 years including Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, Liuhe Bafa, Wudang Chuan and Qigong, Xin Yi and Shaolin Liuhe Chuan. He also trained in Shuai Jiao, Tong Bei and weapons. King is a multi-year Grand Champion at tournaments across the U.S. including the ICMAC, US Kuoshu Federation, and the National Martial Arts Championships. He also received numerous gold medals competing in China in 2019. He holds a 4th Duan ranking from the Chinese Wushu Association and is a member of the Chinese Folk Wushu Exchange Association. He established Dragon Gate DC School of Kung Fu and Taiji in 2011 and continues to teach youth and adult students.