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JUNE 11-13, 2021


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ICMAC has been promoting Chinese Martial Arts tournaments nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. Our mission statement is expressed in our motto, “Friendship through Martial Arts.”  The ICMAC brand is recognized the world over for promoting the highest caliber of Chinese martial arts tournaments.

ICMAC has established a rating system for tournaments and athletes, as well as judging parameters that serve to elevate the standards and fairness of our competitions.

On the occasion of ICMAC’s 20th Anniversary in Orlando, Florida, in 2018, we launched the annual ICMAC Hall of Fame in order to recognize Masters and Instructors who have actively participated in our tournaments, and who have been advocates of ICMAC and its goals over many years.

ICMAC is not a formal federation or association but rather is an organization that works earnestly at transcending political boundaries. We openly welcome everyone who is in good standing to participate in our tournaments. Thus, we are devoted to the development and promotion of Traditional and Contemporary Chinese martial arts through friendly high-level competition.


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International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
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