Florin Szondi

Senior Master, 2023

Florin Szondi represents the Traditional Chen Taiji Family from Chenjiaguo Village, Henan Province, Wen County, China. He is President of the USA Chen Taiji Center in Atlanta, Georgia; President of the Romanian Traditional Chen Taiji Association; holds the Romanian Master of Sports title; President of Hong Kong Taiji Association; Disciple and Successor of Grand Master Zhu Tiancai; and Lineage Holder as 20th generation representative of Chen Tai Chi Family in China. Szondi graduated from the National Wushu-Kung Fu Research Institute in Beijing and holds a B.A. in Physical Education and Sport Science, and credentials from the Wushu-Kung Fu International Judge Course in Beijing. He has more than 40 years of experience in teaching and performing. He conducts Tai Chi Workshops and coordinates the International Tai Chi Instructors Certification Course.