Jane Ho

Instructor, 2023

Jane Ho is an expert martial artist, coach, and actress. She has won numerous titles in the straight sword, spear, and Taijiquan. She was Adult Grand Champion for the 2016 Golden State International Wushu Championships as well as a US Traditional Wushu Team member from 2015-2017. She is the youngest person to be certified by the International Wushu Federation as a Pan-American Wushu Judge and has served as a judge for the US National Wushu Team Trials and Pan-American Wushu Championships. She is also the only certified US National Female Sanda Judge. Under her guidance, several of her Wushu students have qualified for the US Team and competed internationally. She was also the US Wushu Taolu Team Assistant Coach for the Pan American Wushu Championships 2022. Jane Ho is currently the host of Phoenix Wushu Nationals. Her passion and mission are to promote and develop the growth of Wushu and Chinese culture in the United States.