Johnny Kwong Ming Lee

Senior Grandmaster, 2018

Johnny Kwong Ming Lee was born in Shanghai, China. In 1958 his family moved to Hong Kong, where at age 12, he began studying Northern Shaolin My Jhong Law Horn (Mizong Luohan) under Grandmaster Yip Yu-Ting from Hopei Province, China. In 1965, Lee became a student of General Sun Paul Kung to train internal Kung Fu, Pa Kua Chang, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi. As a student of Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang, Lee learned Wu Style Tai Chi. Lee has been featured in national martial arts magazines and has received many honors from martial arts organizations. He operates Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu School in Dallas, Texas, and his students have spread his teachings through branches in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida.