Dear ICMAC Friends:

I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who took part in the Las Vegas International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC). Notwithstanding the challenges imposed by the Covid pandemic and the many cancelled flights, we still had a tremendous turnout.

I want to recognize all the of the Sifus who were present, beginning with our Special Guests: Buck Sam Kong, Jinheng Li, Raymond Wong, Tony Yang, Benson Lee, Ma Long, Andrew Ho, Kenny Perez, Lei Gao, Yanyue Shi, Eddie Torres, Ron Quan, Hesheng Bao, Ray Hildreth, Ken Hui, Stanley Jue, Robert Jones, Li Jing, Zengjiao Jian, and Rongqi Yu.

Without the diligent work of all the Officials, no tournament would be possible; they are listed here: Gina Bao, Raul Baugh, Enloe Boyd, Lance Brazil, Sing-May Chen, Wendi Chen, Lonnly Ching, Jmar Cortez, Guillermo Morris Cruz, Jay Vincent Diaz, Troy Dunwood, Nick Ellis, Alejandro Jimenez Garcia, Jane Ho, Andy Kuntz, Sydney Lau, Diego Rivera Lopez, Juan Carlos Lopez, Chris Lopilato, Faris Maaliki, Dina Perez, Jerry Silva, Francine Tellier, Mengjun Wang, Mike Willson, Leilani Wong, Ya Song Yan, Gabriel Ybarra, Irene Yung, and Mark Zhang

Furthermore, I want to acknowledge all the Sifus who sent students to support the tournament: LeRoy Alsup, Carlos Alvarez, Troy Augborne, Matthew Banks, Xie Bingcan, John Brusstar, Glenn Bullock, John Burns, Chang Yuan Shi, JC Cox, Tom Farrar, Xining He, Anthony Joseph, Andrew Kong, Kam Lee, James Lendech, Kevin Leung, Chris Lopilato, Junchang Lu, Chris Marshall, Mary Melliza, Yan Dong Peng, Juan Carlos Proano, Rafael Rivero, Dan Schmidt, Julie Schwartzman, Leung Shum, Keith Sonnenberg, Dong Thai, Zula Ulambayar, Eddie Urbistondo, Yuka Yoshioka, and Zheng Long Yu.

Special thanks go out to Sifu Raul Baugh and the Lohan Team from Las Vegas. As always, their Lion Dance is one of the highlights of the Opening Ceremonies, and their hard-working volunteers attended to all needs of the tournament. THANK YOU!

In 2018, after 20 years of promoting the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, we launched the ICMAC Hall of Fame to recognize longtime supporters of ICMAC. While the inductions are reserved for our tournament in Orlando, I decided to make an exception this year for the following reasons: One, due to the challenges of the pandemic, it has been difficult for people to travel from the West Coast to Orlando, but primarily because after so many years, I have decided to focus my attention on the Orlando tournament, so this was our last tournament in Las Vegas. I felt that it would be appropriate to conduct the Hall of Fame Inductions for our supporters on the West Coast in Las Vegas.The induction was made in three different categories:

Grandmasters Inductees: Buck Sam Kong, Jinheng Li.

Senior Masters: Benson Lee, Li Jing, Kenneth Ho-Kwong Hui, Ron Quan, Eddie Torres, Robert Jones, Guillermo Morris Cruz.

Masters Inductees: Dian Bracamonte Perez, Zengjiao Jian, Raul Baugh, Juan Carlos Proano, Sing-May Chen, Jerry Silva.

We hope that you will continue to be a part of and a supporter of ICMAC, as you have been for so many years. Our 24th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Florida, is scheduled for the weekend of July 15-17, 2022, at the Rosen Plaza.

We are already planning on ICMAC’s 25th Anniversary, which will be held at the Caribe Royale on the weekend of June 30 through July 2, 2023. We are planning many special events, including seminars with world-renowned masters. It is likely that some aspects of the tournament will run into Monday. This is the perfect time to plan to bring your teams to Orlando since it’s a long July 4th Holiday Weekend.

They say that “the sincerest form of flattery is imitation,” so it’s gratifying to see other tournaments copy our format, rule structure, and registration. Some have even used “Friendship Through Martial Arts” which is a Registered Trademark.

I promoted one of first Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in North America when I was still based in Ohio in 1992. That is almost 30 years ago. I will continue to do my utmost in advocating and promoting all aspects of Chinese martial arts, but after so many years, my scope will be focused on bringing you what has been one of the premier Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in the world: ICMAC Orlando!

With sincere gratitude,

Nick Scrima
President, International Chinese Martial Arts Championship

Las Vegas 2021 Grand Champions

Traditional Juniors – Boys – Leonardo Mendoza
Kungfu Dragon USA, Pleasanton, CA, Sifu Zhenlong Yu

Traditional Teens – Boys – Trent Burkhardt
California Martial Arts Academy, Trabuco Canyon CA, Sifu Dong Thai

Traditional Teens – Girls – Laurisa Chou
Thunder Kungfu Academy, Dublin CA, Sifu Lei Gao

Traditional Northern (18-35) – Men – Eric Anderson
Chinese Martial Arts Center, Clearwater FL, Sifu Nick Scrima

Traditional Northern (18-35) – Women – Courtney Randolph
American Wushu Academy, Mesa AZ, Sifu Juan Carlos Proano

Traditional Southern (18-35) – Men – Jacob Langley
Eastern Ways Martial Art, Folsom, CA, Sifu James Lendech

Traditional Southern (18-35) – Women – Krishnapriya Nair
Eastern Ways Martial Art, Folsom, CA, Sifu James Lendech

Traditional Adults – 36 & over – Men – Jason Abdul
Kongs Siu Lum Pai Kung Fu Association, Honolulu HI, Sifu Eugene Ho

Wushu Kids – Boys – Jayden Candra
Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu, Las Vegas NV, Sifu Zengjiao Jian

Wushu Juniors – Boys – Raiden Gunawan
Las Vegas Modern Kungfu, Las Vegas NV, Sifu Zengjiao Jian

Wushu Teens – Boys – Nathan Ly
Las Vegas Modern Kungfu, Las Vegas NV, Sifu Zengjiao Jian

Wushu Teens – Girls – Emily Jian
Las Vegas Modern Kungfu, Las Vegas NV, Sifu Zengjiao Jian

Wushu – Men – Charles Skelton
Las Vegas Modern Kungfu, Las Vegas NV, Sifu Zengjiao Jian

Tai Chi – Men – Allen Peng
Win-Win Kung Fu, Pittsburgh PA, Sifu Hesheng Bao

Tai Chi – Women – Colleen Walls
Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts, Flagstaff, AZ, Sifu Matthew Banks

Tuscany Suites & Casino

This is the official Tournament venue and recommended stay for participants.

This is a great venue and the 27,000 square foot carpeted Florentine Ballroom provides an ideal competition floor which allows for large Competition Rings, and is located just above the casino.