Dear ICMAC Friends: I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Special Guests, Officials, Competitors, Spectators, and volunteers of the 24th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) in Orlando, Florida.

After the difficulties brought on by COVID, the Orlando ICMAC tournament held over the weekend of July 15-17, 2022, was a tremendous success. Participants came from all over the United States, and we even started getting a few competitors back from overseas. Pre-COVID, we had many foreign teams attend the Orlando tournament, and many teams are planning to attend the 25th Anniversary in 2023. I would be amiss not to recognize Karel Korenc Jr. from WKS Praha in the Czech Republic who also won Grand Champion in Traditional Teens, and Victor Luis Pimentel Inojosa from Liga Vallecaucana de Wushu y Kung Fu in Colombia.

I want to thank Sifu Mark Elefane and his team from Jow Ga Orlando for performing the Lion Dance during the Opening Ceremonies.

Below I want to recognize everyone who made the 2022 ICMAC Orlando tournament a resounding success!

The Special Guests

Liu Xiaoling, Sun Deyao, Zhuang Yajun, Hoy K. Lee, Li Siu Hung, Darin Yee, Stanley Jue, Ray Hildreth, Mimi Chan, Kam Lee, Kenny Perez, Dina Perez, Harry Lo, Sheng Meng, Wang Mengjun, Juan Carlos Lopez Alzate, John Wai, David Wong Yee and Jianming Han.

The Officials

Brian Ahern, Javier Alvarez, Gina Bao, Rick Barrett, Terry Bartz, Ron Berle, Witek Bielak, Andy Calvo, Erick Cintron, Don Dean, Dennis Dereje, Jeff Downing, Martin Dvorok, Zac Extejt, Amy Feng, German Garcia, Jessica Grasmere, Yi Guan, Jesse Jones, Joe Keit, Alexander King, Torsten Landau, Gordon Leimbach, Jina Mullett Levine, Ralph Matute, Raul Matute, Charles Middleton, Philip Myers, Paul O’Shea, Herb Parran, Marlon Pilossoph, Pedro Pineiro, Lauren Porter, Paul Ramos, Mauricio Rampone, Kathryn Raymond, Mario Salazar, Jason Sanford, Pedro Sang, Dan Schmidt, Mike Serritella, David Slaughter, Zephin Smith, Darin Sun, Florin Szondi, Tu Truong, Amanda Wang, Megan Westerman, Sam Winters, Osei Xavier, Shun Kai Yao.

Sifus who sent competitors or were credited as teachers

Devon Waldron, Xiaoyi Chen, Calvin Wang, Eduardo Marin, Nelly Rovira, John Vanegas, Yvette Phillips, Vital Yarashevich, Olaguibet Negron, Juan Vargas, Mark Elefane, Eric Randolph, Jimmy Manfredy, Justin Och, Yan Gaofei, Oscar Agramonte, Andre Johnson, Stephon Morton, Juan Carlos Proano, Yan Jinsong, Rafael Rivero, Leng Tang, Roberson Douge, Paula Lazarz, Stephen Dale, Hedison Mui, Jonathan Simon, Des Jackson, Charlie Cai, Tim St. Clair, Jason Dooley, Paul Lam, Xie Bing Can, Israel Flores, Betsy Chapman, Sara Gellhorn, Cipriano Gutierrez, Bryan Lewis, Yang Fukui, Luo Li, Jim Cravens, Tony Garcia, Abraham Ortiz, Anthony Arnett, Eric Wilkerson, Charles Macabasco, Ming Xie, Chi Liang, Adrian Stockman, Chris Marshall, Andrew Shirmacher, James Rodgers, Lisandro Vega, Glenn Bullock, Gary Torres.

Most Supportive School Award

This year we had tremendous support from more than 100 schools/Sifus from throughout the U.S. Many schools participated with more than 20 competitors. The following schools stood out for their outstanding support, which led to a three-way tie for the Most Supportive School award.

Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu, Sunrise, Florida -Sifu Li Siu Hung
Wah Lum Temple of Orlando, Florida – Sifu Mimi Chan
Meng’s International Kung Fu Academy, Cupertino, California – Sifu Sheng Meng

We appreciate the support of every school that participated in the championship.

We expect a much larger turnout for the 25th Anniversary with more schools from throughout North America and overseas.

The Hall of Fame Inductees

Senior Masters Category: Yajun Zhuang, Rick Barrett, Paul Ramos, Marlon Pilossoph, Juan Carlos Lopez Alzate. Masters Category: Javier Alvarez Ortiz, Don Dean, Darin Sun, Devon Waldron, German Garcia, Jimmy Manfredy, Sam Winters, Marc Elefane, Tu Truong, Charles Middleton. Instructors Category: Molly Glaser Gillen, Lauren Porter, Witek Bielak

The 2022 ICMAC Orlando Grand Champions:

Traditional Junior Boys: Brandon Mark, Sifu Li Siu Hung – Traditional Teen Boys: Karel Korenc, Sifu Andrey Kirichenko, Traditional Teen Girls: Thao-Nguyen Miles, Sifu Mimi Chan – Traditional Northern Men (18-35): Ricardo Flores, Sifu Mimi Chan – Traditional Northern Women (18-35): Courtney Randolph, Sifu Juan Carlos Proano – Traditional Southern Women (18-35): Rubylin Castillo, Sifu Hoy K. Lee – Traditional Men (36-45): Austin Hoan, Sifu Mimi Chan – Traditional Women (36-45): Molly Gillen, Sifu Nick Scrima – Traditional Men (46 & over): Brian McRae, Sifu Mario Salazar – Traditional Women (46 & over): Jackie Hop, Sifu Mimi Chan – Wushu Kids Boys: Eric Zhu, Sifu Yajun Zhuang – Wushu Kids Girls: Isabelle Pan, Sifu Yajun Zhuang – Wushu Junior Boys: Liam Tsang, Sifu Hesheng Bao – Wushu Junior Girls Co-Champions: Sophia Shao, Sifu Xiaoyi Chen & Sofia Elchieva, Sifu Vital Yarashevich – Wushu Teen Boys: Bryant Wang: Sifu Xiaoyi Chen – Wushu Teen Girls: Joy Wang, Sifu Xiaoyi Chen – Wushu Adult Men: Stanley Meng, Sifu Sheng Meng – Wushu Adult Women: Elina Meng, Sifu Sheng Meng – Tai Chi Men (18-45): Quincy Griffith, Sifu Kam Lee – Tai Chi Men (46 & over): Jan Gyomber, Sifus Betsy Chapman & Sara Gellhorn – Tai Chi Women (46 & over): Nelly Rovira, Sifu Ming Xie – Other Internal Styles Men: Ethan Williams, Sifu Dennis Dereje

Posthumous recognition

In remembrance of ICMAC friends who have passed: Kai Chi Leung, Fu Leung, John Cheng, Rick Brenton, Rick Tolson.

A word about the ICMAC 25th Anniversary in 2023

On June 30 through July 2, 2023, the 25th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship will be held in the Palms Ballroom at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. This will be an important milestone. We are anticipating a huge turnout. We will have more than 500 Divisions for all Skill Levels and Age Groups. There will be a cash prize for all Grand Champions, and we will have Sanda/Sanshou Fights, Shaui Jiao, Chinese Sword Fencing, and other Special Categories. Also, we will offer seminars with famous Masters and many special events. Competition is going to be fierce! Be sure to mark your calendar and fire up your team for what is sure to be a monumental event!

I bow at the waist with gratitude.

Nick Scrima
President, International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC)
“Friendship Through Martial Arts”


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