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The 7th Annual ICMAC Las Vegas is coming on August 1-2, 2014

Dear Sifus and Competitors,

The 7th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Chinese Martial Arts Championship is scheduled for the weekend of August 1-2, 2014. This event is now well established and we have special plans in place to make the event even better.

The competition will take place in the 27.000 SQ Foot Florentine Ballroom. The carpeted floor, high ceiling and large space allow for spacious rings and plenty of seating for spectators.

Las Vegas is only a 4 hour drive from Los Angles and less than 5 hours from Phoenix and we always get a great number of participants from these metropolitan areas. Competitors come from all across the country as well as Canada to take part in this event.

Come and stay a few extra days and enjoy the famous shows, and great food that Las Vegas has to offer. While here, plan of visiting some of National Parks such as Nevada's oldest state park; Valley of Fire State Park which is located just fifty miles northeast of the city. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservative Area is just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and everyone should see the Grand Canyon National Park at least once in their lives; this will require a day trip but well worth the time.

We look forward to welcoming you and your team to Beautiful Las Vegas!


Nick Scrima

2013 - 6th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Tournament Report

The 6th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Championship was held on August 3, 2013 at the Tuscany Suites & Casino.

Competitors came together from several different states and Canada to participate in the tournament. The Wushu divisions were particularly strong and this was very encouraging as we have been working hard to increase participation in these categories.

We wish to give recognition to all the VIPS, Officials, and Sifus who participated and supported the event, they are listed here in alphabetical order: Travis Alschbach, Raul Baugh, Steven Baugh, Adrian Belle, JC Cox, Michael Deaton, Nicholas Ellis, Tom Farrar, Doris Fong, Robert Franklin, David Gowdy, Donald Hamby, Andrew Ho, Yan Jie Hou, Bob Hsing, Zengjiao Jian, Guo Jie, Robert Jones, Stanley Jue, Shane Kachur, Sydney Lau, Kevin Law, Austin Lee, Chris Leyesa, Jinheng Li, Jonathan Liljeblad, Howard Lin, Xiaotang Liu, Xiaoying Liu, Franco Lung, Eduardo Marin, Dan Mitton, Guillermo Morris, Dale Napier, Win Ou, Mike Patterson, Huang Qin, Ron Quan, Dongxing Qiu, Richard Randolph, Joey Ross, Billie Ann Sabala, Art Schonfeld, Junior Seraphin, Shao Changyun, David Slaughter, Jack Soderberg, Bradley Temple, Eddie Torres, Rose Trenado, Jason Tsou, Michael Voss, Hongpeng Wang, Shi Xing Wei, Mike Willson, Raymond Wong, Stanley Wong, Tat-Mau Wong, Tom Wong, Shi Cun Wu, Shi Yan Xu, Tony Yang, Shaowen Yu.

Special thanks go out to Sifu Steve Baugh and the Lohan School of Shaolin Las Vegas for the magnificent Lion Dance performance which is one of the highlights of the tournament each year and his fantastic team of hard working volunteers.

I am grateful for the continued support.

Nick Scrima
"Friendship Through Martial Arts"

2012 - 5th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Tournament Report

August 4, 2012 featured 5th Edition of the Las Vegas ICMAC Tournament; a very special event and an important part of the ICMAC Worldwide Circuit.

Over 300 competitors from California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, other surrounding states and as far away as Germany took part in the event. Many people have been strong supporters of this championship and we want to recognize them below.

Special Guests: Steven Baugh, Yali Chen, Guillermo Morris Cruz, Andrew Ho, Zengjiao Jian, Robert Jones, Stanley Jue, Jinheng Li, Howard Lin, Kenny Perez, Tony Timmer, Jason Tsou, Shi Xing Wei, Xu Xiaoda,

Officials who judged at the event: Johnathan Bang, Lance Brazil, Andrew Dang, Nicholas Ellis, David Gowdy, Peng Fei Guo, Shi Kun, Sydney Lau, Lin Li, Jonathan Liljeblad, Franco Lung, Chris Mendoza, Dale Napier, Dina Perez, Dongxing Qiu, Jonathan Sandberg, Joi Santos, Dan Schmidt, Art Schonfeld, Joe Sun, Bradley Temple, Lorrie Then, Rishaad Thompson, Michael Voss, Alex Wang, Hong Peng Wang, Michael Wang, Rose Wang, Elaine Waters, Mark Weber, James Willis, Stanley Wong, Feng Yu.

We also want to show our appreciation to Sifus who sent competitors to the event: Antonio Aja, Kevin Chan, Sam Chan, Robert Franklin, Chu Hui, Viktor Koehl, Lyu Lopez, Jo Presbury-Smith, Henry Su, Eddie Torres, Jinglin Wei, Aric Wiseman, Qishi Wu, Xiaoping Wu, Henry Poo Yee, Bisheng Zhu.

This event marked the strongest turnout yet for Wushu competitors and we will continue to work so that this trend continues to build.

This year's most supportive school award is shared by two schools, each had 29 students in the championship:

Shaolin Kung Fu Chan, Las Vegas NV under the direction of Master Shi Xing Wei
Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu, Las Vegas NV under the direction of Master Zengjian Jian

A Close third was Phoenix Wushu Academy , Chandler Arizona under the direction of Master Andrew Ho who brought his team and supporters with a school bus from Arizona.

Special thanks go out to the Lohan School of Shaolin of Las Vegas NV under the direction of Master Steven Baugh. Not only have they performed the Lion Dance for the last 5 years, they have also provided a devoted and hard working team of volunteers to staff the event.

To all these supporters I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

Nick Scrima

Report: 2011 4th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Tournament

The 4th Annual Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship was held on August 13, 2011 at Tuscany Suites and Casino and Fabulous Las Vegas.

This year's Special Guests included: Lily Lau, Jason Tsou, Kurt Wong, Dr. Daniel Weng, Zengjiao Jian, Robert Jones, Shi Xing Wei, Steve Cooper, James Chen, Xu Xiaoda, Steven Baugh, Jinheng Li, Andrew Ho and Stanley Jue. 

We want to recognize this year's Judging Panel and list them here in alphabetical order: Shelton Bailey, Lance Brazil, Nicholas Ellis, Jing-Jing Evans, Alex Forare, David Gowdy, Guan Da He, Jamie Hooper, Ya Mei Jin, Shane Kachur, Kevin Kawada, Eric Kohatsu, Shi Kun, Jonathan Liljeblad, Howard Lin, Franco Lung, Paul Madoff, Chris Mendoza, Jonathan Miller, Arthur Schonfeld, Chang Jun Shao, Mike Smith, Joe Sun, Bradley Temple, Lorrie Then, Phunsak Thiennvieboon,Tony Timmer, Zhang Mao Tsang. Alex Wang, Jan-Yu Weng, She-Peng Weng, James Willis, Aaron Wong, Stanley Wong, Hua Yin Zhu

Hundreds of competitors came from Colorado, Arizona, California, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Utah, and as far away as Canada and Alaska to take part in the championship. It's great to see that the ICMAC Worldwide Circuit is brining people together from so far away; we deeply appreciate their support.

We want to express our gratitude to all the Sifus who could not make the event but send competitors to the tournament, they are: David Chang, Eddie Chong, Robert Franklin, Richard Garrison, Fong Ha, Kenneth Hui, Alexander Knight, Tim Hartmann, Hao Quan Jiang, Johnny Lee, Mike Nedderman, Dino Salvatera, Derric Samuels, Evan Thompson, Eddie Torres, Aric Wiseman, Tat-Mau Wong, Derrick Wright, Xiaoping Wu, Henry Poo Yee and Henry Yeh.

Special thanks go out to Sifu Steven Baugh and the Las Vegas Lohan School for their amazing Lion Dance performance and all the help and support with the body of volunteers.

We look forward to welcoming all our old friends and meeting new ones at next year's 5th Annual championship which will be help on the August 3, 2012.

Friendship through Martial Arts®

Nick Scrima <

Report: 2010 3rd Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Tournament

The 3rd Annual Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship was held over the Labor Day Weekend at the Tuscany Suites and Casino on September 3-5, 2010.

The tournament is now well established in the ICMAC Worldwide Circuit and is becoming one of the events that both competitors and officials look forward to each year.

The tournament was once again co-hosted by Master Tony Yang and Nick Scrima         and featured many illustrious dignitaries and special guests. Leading these was Grandmaster Lily Lau who brought students from San Francisco and also had students and teachers support the event from as far away as Chicago. Dr. Daniel Weng, Nick Gracenin, Ma Long, Zhang Wei Fu his son Zhang Mao Tsang, and Liu Gang made the trip from China, Lee Ching-Han traveled from El Salvador and Antonio Langiano brought a team to compete in Shuai Jiao from Italy. Grandmaster Fu Ng, Benson Lee and Jason Tsou traveled from California. Steven Baugh and Shi Xing Wei were among our local dignitaries.

Robert Jones and Doug McLeod were also among our VIPs and had special interest in overseeing the event since next year, with the backing of the legendary Al Tracy, Chinese Kenpo will become more prominent in the ICMAC Circuit. When asked about the event Doug McLoud said, “it’s the best tournament I have ever been to.” This is saying a lot coming from a martial artist with his vast experience.

The competition started promptly at 10 am on Saturday and ended in the late afternoon to prepare for the Masters Demonstration; the timeliness of the schedule and the organization are now hallmarks of the circuit. The competition resumed on Sunday morning and finished by 2 in the afternoon.

More than 350 competitors attended this year’s event but there was an evident drop in the kids divisions. Labor Day Weekend was a likely cause; many teachers noted that they had youngsters who could not attend because they had just started school. This has been duly noted and the tournament for 2011 has been scheduled for the weekend of August 12-14.

Left to Right: Nick Scrima, Lily Lau, Tony Yang and Zhang Weifu

We want to express our gratitude to all the volunteers and judges who worked tirelessly to make the event a success. We especially want to recognize the following judges, listed in alphabetical order: Eric Brooks, Robert Burke, Alvin Cardona, Erick Cintron from Puerto Rico, Guillermo Morris Cruz, Pat DiBattista, Nick Ellis, David Gowdy, Frank Gutierrez, David Harmon, Guan Da He, Zengjiao Jian, Shane Kachur from Canada, Kevin Kawada who always brings a strong local contingent, Kieun Kim, Eric Kohatsu, Alex Lee who brought a strong team from Mexico, Jonathan Liljeblad, Howard Lin, Franco Lung, Christopher Mendoza, Kenny and Dina Perez who brought a large team from Arizona, Joel Rodriguez, Dan Schmidt, Art Schonfeld, Kun Shi, Eric Smith who brought a large team from Arizona, Scott Snelling, Roger Sultzman, Kochiu Sun, Phunsak Thiennvieboon, David Webster, Xu Xiaoda, Mark Weber, Jan-Yu Weng who ran the Shuai Jiao ring, She-Peng Weng, Aaron Wong, and Feng Yu.

Competitors came from Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and several other states to support the event. Among the top competitors were Jonathan Wang, Garett Lubecki, Ron Berle, Dylan Foote, Sarah Perry, and Alex Mederos.

Other sifus in attendance or who sent teams to the competition included Travis Alschbach, Joseph D’Arezzo, Glenn Bullock, Joseph Byrne, Fong Ha, David Henderson, Happy Hsu, Eduardo Marin, Steve Martin, Gary Renza, Clark Silva, An Tianrong, Yamel Torres, Shi Cun Wu, Shi Yan Xu, Henry Yeh and Ru Zhu.

Friendship through Martial Arts®

Nick Scrima < >

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