We will be bringing you an extensive seminar curriculum on different topics of Chinese martial arts taught by leading masters.

Seminars are one hour in length but may be presented in two or more parts.

Seminars schedule is as follows:

Friday, June 28, 2024: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sunday, June 30, 2024: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm


Seminar Registration fee is $70, which includes the first one-hour session. Each additional one-hour session is $35.

SD Sun Deyao – Hao Family Plum Blossom Mantis

Master Sun Deyao is a 7th generation descendant of the Supreme Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing system. Based in Duluth, Georgia, he promotes martial arts internationally and has students in more than 30 nations.

SD1, SD 2 Mantis Exits the Cave, Part 1, Friday 5-6 pm, Part 2, Friday 6-7 pm: A dynamic form bringing forth the spirit of the mantis; vigorous movement combined with ability and clarity.

SD3, SD 4 Through the Branches, Part 1, Sunday 8-9 am, Part 2, Sunday 9-10 am: Every movement of this form has applications; twisting and turning, dodging and weaving; full of energy.

Master James Rodgers II

– Bagua for enhanced mobility, through improved synchronization of neural pathways

JR 1, Sunday 8-9 am
JR 2, Sunday 9-10 am

The famous combative art of Bagua has the ability to take advantage of neuro- plasticity by synchronizing both sides of the brain through basic movements that directly train hand eye coordination as well as body and spatial awareness culminating in improved martial prowess as well as health and wellness.
Seminar by Master James Rodgers II Disciple of GM Yang in the Wu Tang system.

NL Narcyz Latecki

Master Narcyz Latecki operates a martial arts school in Acton, Massachusetts, where he teaches a full range of internal and external styles for children through adults. He is a versatile teacher, practitioner, and judge and has been featured in television series in the US and China.

NL 1, NL 2 Part 1 Friday 6-7 pm Fanziquan (Fanzi Boxing), Part 2 Friday 7-8 pm

Fanziquan is a Northern style that relies on punches and short-range continuous strikes, leaving one’s opponent no time to recover. Basic footwork, hand forms, and the complete traditional Zhanzhuangfan routine with martial applications and two-person drills.

NL 3, NL 4 Part 1 Sunday 8-9 am Bian Gan (Stick Form), Part 2 Sunday 9-10 am

Bian Gan is a short stick popular in Northwest China. Bian refers to whipping power, generated from the techniques of Tongbei Jin. Gan is the pole or shaft of the spear. The weapon is longer than sword and shorter than staff, but Bian Gan techniques can be used like staff and spear, or sword and Miao Dao. Core foundations of Bian Gan techniques and the whipping staff routine.

KY Kai Yu – Baji

Master Kai Yu is the author of General Introduction to Baji Quan.

KY 1 Friday 7-8 pm Baji: The Core of Snapping Power: Counterbalancing.

KY 2 Sunday 9-10 am Push Hands Technique: 3 Swings and 3 Switches (Counterbalancing in Push Hands)

Benson Lee

BL Benson Lee – Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Master Benson Lee is the 2nd most senior disciple of Grandmaster Leung Shum in NYC, recognized internationally as the master of Ying Jow Pai, the Eagle Claw System. Master Lee has operated schools on the West Coast to teach Eagle Claw Kung Fu and is the author of Eagle Claw Kung Fu – Tactics and Applications.  He recently opened a new school in Los Angeles, California.

BL 1 Sunday 8-9 am

BL 2 Sunday 9-10 am

Presents Eagle Claw Kung Fu tactics and applications of the “Jow Da” and “Da Mak” strategy for fighting and self-defense. Chin Na locking strategy will be covered, along with the specialized way Eagle Claw applies locking skills, sweeps, and takedowns.

FS Florin Szondi – Chen Style Taiji, Breathing, Alignment, and Form

Master Florin Szondi is President of USA Chen Taiji Center, and 20th-generation lineage holder and representative of Chen Family Taijiquan in Chenjiagou Village, China.

FS1 Friday 6-7 pm Chen Taiji Breathing Method:Biomechanics and Alignments in Forms and Postures

FS2 Sunday 9-10 am Introduction in Chen Taiji Laojia Yi Lu (4-Steps Routine); Form and Applications

ER Eric Randolph – Taiji, Qigong, and Push Hands

Master Eric Randolph is the founder of The Tao Applied Taijiquan, in Pittsburgh, PA. He teaches Taiji and Push Hands (sensing hands), as well as healing Qigong.

ER1 Friday 6-7 pm Chi (Qi) Practice for Skeptics

ER2 Sunday 9-10 am The Secret Art of Sensing Hands (Push Hands)

FH Frank Hatsis – Rope Dart

Master Frank Hatsis is founder of the Rope Dart Academy. He is an expert on rope dart technique and instruction, and a past member of the USA Wushu Team.

FH 1 Friday 5-6 pm Spins: Fundamentals of spins, footwork, and terminology.

FH 2 Friday 6-7 pm Shots: Projections of the rope dart using joints (elbow, knee, foot), leading to spin-shot combinations.

FH 3 Sunday 9-10 am Wraps: Building on the previous classes and covering advanced combinations, training methods, and best practice philosophy.

SW Sam Winters – Pingshui and Qigong

Master Sam Winters operates the Hsin Yung-I Chuan School in Orlando, Florida, teaching Earth Style Tai Chi, Meimen Qigong, push hands, straight sword, and broadsword.

SW 1 Friday 6-7 pm Introduction to Pingshuai /Qigong

Pingshuai exercises enhance the immune system, improve balance, makes joints and muscles more flexible, fortifies muscles, joints and bones, enhances blood and Qi circulation, replenishes energy, relaxes, calms and clears the mind, and sharpens the senses.

SW 2 – Friday 7-8 pm Advanced Pingshuai/Qigong (SW 1 required)

SW 3 Sunday 8-9 am Introduction to Pingshuai /Qigong

SW 4 Sunday 9-10 am Advanced Pingshuai/Qigong (SW 3 required)

JY Jeff Yang – Kong Han Five Ancestors Fist “Three Battles”

Master Jeff Yang brought the Kong Han system from the Philippines to the US and currently teaches at Kong Han USA headquarters in Canton, Ohio. He operates a rehabilitative Taiji program and is trained in acupressure and classical Feng Shui.

JY 1 Friday 5-6 pm Three Battles Set: the form, basic Five Ancestors theory, 5-part power generation and internal “hard style” Qigong

JY 2 Friday 6-7 pm Usage of the four principles (float, sink, swallow, spit), combat applications, 2-person external conditioning and body hardening.

CL Chris Luth

Master Chris Luth teaches Taiji, Qigong, and Taoist Studies. For many years he has conducted workshops and immersive retreats through his organization “Chi Gong and Tai Chi in Paradise.”

CL1 Friday 6-7 pm Rooting, Body Structure, and Martial Applications in Yang Tai Chi Forms

CL2 Sunday 9-10 am Internal Neutralizing and Rooting in Push Hands

CS Master Carlos Suarez

Shuaijiao and self-defense applications.

CS 1, Friday 6-7 pm. Basic Foundations of Baoding Shuai Jiao

CS 2, Friday 7-8 pm. Self-defense Applications of Baoding Shuai Jiao

The ancient art of Shuai Jiao is not only a great sport, but also has strikes as set-ups for throws. We will cover solo forms, partner drills (based on the solo forms), and practical martial applications for different scenarios in self-defense.

Master Carlos Suarez is the founder of Kung Fu & Tai Chi Boca Raton in Florida. He teaches Baoding Shuai Jiao and Heaven Man Earth Taijiquan.

MW – Master Mengjun Wang

Master Mengjun (Kate) Wang is from China’s Hebei Wushu team and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Sport Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Science. She has won medals in numerous competitions in China and the United States.

MW 1, MW 2: Final Touches to the Taijiquan 42 Competition Form:

Part 1, Friday 5-6 pm; Part 2, Friday 6-7 pm

The Taijiquan 42 competition form, a modern style developed by the Chinese Sports Committee in 1989, shows the primary characteristics of Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles. This session will enhance your understanding and execution of each style’s unique features, making it essential preparation for all practitioners.

MW 3, MW 4: Health Qigong Da Wu:

Part 1, Sunday 9-10 am; Part 2, Sunday 10-11 am

A comprehensive introduction to Health Qigong Da Wu, an ancient Qigong form known for graceful exercises that foster flexibility and joint rotation. Celebrated in ancient texts for health and well-being, Da Wu ranks among the most popular forms of health Qigong.